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Tips & Policy Terms

Unlocking Smart Tips & Policy Terms


The most common questions our customers ask is if their phone has been unlocked. We have implemented a 'Track My Order' link which will allow customers to know when their phone is unlocked or if their order is in process.  We hope that this will assure our customers that their order is in process and we have not forgotten about them.

We ask our customers that if their time frame and order is not overdue that they could try not to ask us about their order.  This is only so we can devote our time in completing orders and meeting the needs of our clients.

Any information to do with checking if your phone is compatible or not will be found within the product description of the page where you buy your order.  Any information to do with how you unlock your phone will be emailed to you with simple easy to read instructions when your order is completed.  This information is also in our 'How it Works' tab.

We advise customers that there is a chance that they may lose their money if they submit their IMEI to be unlocked with the wrong network or if the phone is barred.  These things are easily checked for no more than £1.50 and could prevent any problems and give peace of mind.  If the phone is barred the phone will not be able to make or receive calls so that is a good indicator that does not cost you anything to find out.  We do sympathise with any buyer that makes these mistakes but we ourselves cannot get the money back in some cases as we are also bound by terms in a agreement with our suppliers.  We will always do our best by our customers as and when we can which is why we warn our clients of what they need to know and check before purchasing. 

We wish all our customers a happy buying experience and if you have had a good service from us please recommend us to your friends and family.  If we are doing things right we want people to know about it.