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Tips & Policy Terms

Unlocking Smart Tips & Policy Terms

Policy Terms

Refund Policy

There is strictly no refund If you have been provided with your unlocking code or your device has been factory unlocked with our service. All unlocking codes and services are sought through the correct carrier support. If there is any technical issue with the unlocking code or it is not working we strictly can not guarantee you a refund. There are very few instances or problems but in the rare case of any issue we are here to support you. We will mediate to find the solution if not known and desire to provide a solution as to any problem occured. If your device has become blacklisted after it has been unlocked we accept no liability and you will not be refunded. If you order an unlock service, we unable to refund you unless we are able to cancel it before the service completes. If you have ordered the wrong carrier service to unlock your device. We are normally able to refund you as long as device is not unlocked. We do not guarantee to refund you if you have bought the wrong network unless we can get a refund or cancellation. Every service description has a measure of what to check before ordering to ensure that there will be no problems. If you check your device as per the description this will ensure what you buy is what you need.

Please know we are wanting to make your experience positive and if we can help or assist you in any way we will. Our policy is only to help assist our customers know what we expect from them and what they can expect from us. We hope you enjoy your experience using Unlocking Smart and thank you for your business.

Thank you for reading and be assured of a problem free satisfactory experience should you buy any of our services. Happy buying.