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How it Works?


Instructions how to finalise the unlock:

*Note – You may want to perform a backup using iTunes or iCloud before following the instructions to ensure no loss of data.

To finalise the unlock simply;

  • 1. Update your iPhone to the latest firmware version by doing a full restore with iTunes. (Cydia or other jailbreaking software must be removed before continuing)
  • 2. Insert a non-accepted SIM card into the phone & connect to iTunes.
  • 3. Once connected, disconnect the phone & reconnect after ten seconds.
  • 4. Your iPhone will unlock.
  • 1. Insert an unaccepted SIM card – one that's not from the network your phone is locked to.
  • 2. Select yes when prompted if you want to enter an MEP unlock code
  • 3. Enter your Blackberry unlock code and confirm

You MAY not receive a “Code Accepted” messages or anything of the like, but your phone will stand at the homescreen.

Sony Ericsson
  • 1. Insert an unauthorized Sim Card of another network into your locked phone and switch on
  • 2. Phone will ask "SIM Network Unlock Code"
  • 3. Enter Unlock Code
  • 1. Insert an unauthorized sim Card (this is a sim card your phone is not locked to) and turn ON your phone.
  • 2. Phone will ask "SIM Network Unlock PIN"
  • 3. Enter Network Unlock Pin Code and confirm.


If the phone asks for another Unlock code, like Reset/UNblock or Service provider Code use the other codes.

Nokia Lumia

Instructions on how to enter your unlock code into your Nokia Lumia:


1.  Insert an unauthorized sim Card (this is a sim card your phone is not locked to) and turn ON your phone.

2.  Phone will ask "Subsidy key or pin"

3.  Enter the UNLOCK code we have provided and confirm.


To unlock your Samsung Device:

1.  Power ON your phone with not accepted sim card

2.  The phone will ask for Network KEY or Network code

3.  Enter the UNLOCK code we provided  and confirm

4.  Device is now unlocked.


(If UNFREEZE code has been provided)

Sometimes the device will not unlock due to it being 'frozen', that is, you are not able to successfully enter the unlock code as the incorrect code has been entered too many times.   In this case follow the instructions above but enter the UNFREEZE code first which will say 'unsuccessful', dismiss the message and then enter the UNLOCK code.  Device should then unlock.